"Full Service,
 Fixed Price"

The Rushmore Real Estate Group Difference

At Rushmore Real estate group we truly believe that by providing exceptional service at a reasonable cost, that we offer the community a better deal.
Manufactured to mansion, cottage to castle we have you covered. Our fixed price full service listing agreements could save you thousands, in fact on listings up to $300,000 we can save you as much as $5,200. 

How you apply those savings is up to you.
As a seller it could mean the ability to increase your return, or allow you more flexibility with setting your price. As a buyer our cash back rebate might allow you to purchase some new furniture to go with your new home, or allow you complete some necessary maintenance before you move your family in. Either way you are in control.
Reduced cost should never mean reduced service, and at Rushmore Real Estate Group we assure you that we will seek and take every opportunity to provide you with maximum opportunities in a rapidly moving market. We are so confident that we will allow you to cancel any agreement if you believe our service has not lived up to our promises, without question, in fact our contracts specifically allow this.

So what does full service listing mean?


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